Reasons why you can't miss a visit to Xcaret

A place with history and tradition, Xcaret was an important commercial city of the Mayan civilization before the conquest. Its name means "small cove" in the Mayan language and its location made it an ideal place for the construction of a port and commercial center.

Currently in Xcaret an ecological theme park has been established just 5 km from Playa del Carmen, and in which various programs have been developed, both for the conservation of the flora and fauna of the Mexican southeast, as well as tourism and on the 80 hectares of land you can carry out various activities designed so that you know its impressive natural and cultural wealth.

Here we present you incredible options that you will not want to miss the opportunity to live on your visit to Xcaret:

Archaeological Zone and Mayan Crossing

Known in prehipnic times as P'olé (merchandise, dealing with merchants), as we said above it was an important commercial port of an area / route of commercial activity that reached as far as present-day Honduras. Although it is currently one of the least visited archaeological sites in Mexico, you can visit it even without entering the park.

Being located in front of the Island of Cozumel, it became the main boarding area for the Goddess Ixchel sanctuary, a deity associated with the moon and fertility, which was on that island (currently destroyed place).

Currently in the park the Travesía Sagrada Maya event is held, a recreation of the pilgrimage that was carried out once a year to bring offerings to the goddess, and which is currently carried out seeking to preserve this tradition, and that you can enjoy around the month of May .

Ecotourism Activities

In Xcaret Park you can enjoy a wide variety of activities and tourist and ecotourism attractions, from taking tours of impressive underground rivers, both by boat and diving into the river, with all the necessary equipment. There are three underground rivers in Xcaret: the Azul river, the Maya river and the Manatí river, where you can see mangroves and flamingos.

You can also explore the labyrinth of caves and mysterious caves, with hidden paths that lead you to the Mayan Village, a place where you can meet and learn about the daily life of a Mayan village, its homes and its customs, enjoying incredible sunsets in this place and ritual dance shows.

Snorkeling tours in the sea, tropical trails, the truth is that there are endless activities that you can do inside the park.

Historical sites

In addition to the archaeological sites, in Xcaret you will be able to know other important sites, such as the Hacienda Henequenera, in which you can enjoy the architecture of the Mexican ranching era, learn how the henequen was extracted and visit the Museum of Folk Art, with a great variety of handicrafts both on display and for sale in the store of that place.

You can also visit the Chapel of San Francisco de Assís, where one of the highest points of Xcaret is located and from which you can enjoy the fantastic view of the city and the landscape of the Caribbean Sea.

 Kid's World

Most of the activities in the park offer access and options for the whole family, but in Xcaret there is also a world of children, a special place for children under 12 where they can enjoy slides, suspension bridges, obstacles, mazes, nets and everything you need for swimming and having fun in a natural paradise, with all the necessary security and a rest area for parents to watch over their children while they relax.


At various points in the park you can enjoy different restaurants and cafes where you will find a wide variety of gastronomic options, both regional, national and international. Do not miss the great variety of fresh fish and seafood they offer, and a must-see is the Xcaret cava, one of the most important in Mexico, or dinner in the middle of an impressive atmosphere surrounded by caves and transparent water at Restaurant La Isla.

Xcaret Mexico Spectacular

A show in Cancun (with dinner option included) that brings together more than 300 artists on stage, in which you will enjoy an artistic journey through the history of Mexico from pre-Hispanic times to the present day, with dances and traditional and original costumes - including Mariachi-; legends and recreations of historical moments, in addition to a great light show, all within the framework of the Gran Tlachco Theater.

Just one hour from Ocean Dream taking south on the Cancun-Tulum highway, Xcaret will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience on your visit to the Riviera Maya.